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Without You is the ninth single released by JYONGRI. The title track was used as the theme song for the drama Asu No Hikari Wo Tsukame.

For me, this is the first full single listen from her, although I have heard Maybe Someday before, and I was really fond of that song; in fact I gave it another listen today, and found that I really like her voice. It’s somewhat very pure; by that I mean that she sings very clearly, and her japanese is very straight and clear, without any of Kuu’s squeaks or raspiness, or Ayumi’s “shaking”. Sort of like RYTHEM’s girls (if anyone’s heard of them) – very PURE. Also, JYONGRI’s voice (I was very pleased to find) is pretty low, and gets very deep sometimes. The highlight – it sounds very womanly and magical; the downside – I don’t think she can hit high~ notes like Kana.
Onto the review!

The Cover? Very simple, but it seems to work. She looks very pretty and the font – very typical but it fits.


  • Without You
  • ストーリー (Story)
  • Without You – Instrumental
  • ストーリー Story – Instrumental

Typical single no?
Without You is, as the name gives it away, a BALLAD! and it starts off like any other ballad as well – the magical piano, and the first verse. Her voice, like I mentioned before, is very straight and…pure (I can’t put it any other way, I’m suffering with lack of vocabulary these days!). The verses sound almost like the chorus is going to be a masterpiece. I’m serious, the verses are really pretty. The chorus? It’s not bad – again we have the typical arrangement, drums and then the line “Without You, Without You” – there isn’t really anything special about it, but it gets stuck in my head. I also need to point out that her voice retains pretty deep emotions throughout the song, which I love! Sure she goes whispery in some places, but it adds to the emotion of the song. I swear, her voice is very strong. and made the song tolerable, because I’ve heard a ballad like this TOO many times! A very nice listen!

Now we have ストーリー Story! What can I say about this song? Is is R&B, is it acoustic, what is it? Well, I’ll call it POP! It’s obviously faster than Without You. It’s got some sort of a country feel, and her vocals are pretty good – though I’m not sure they suit the song. I would have preferred if her vocals were a bit light hearted and higher – I feel as if she’s singing too deep for a song like this, almost like she’s deliberately making her vocals deep (I hate it when artists do that!). Getting back to the song – it’s okay..pretty much like “Just one of the bunch” songs. Give it a try, but I find nothing special in this one! Sorry!

Btw, just as a side note – Without You – Instrumental sounds very magical because they didn’t remove the background vocals, and I love how she’s singing!
Also, for those who like to listen to very Look-up-the-sky-is-bright type of music, give ストーリー (Story) – Instrumental a listen!

Overall I think you should give it a listen if you are really fond of her music, and even if that’s not the case, I think Without You deserves a MUST listen. Who knows, ANYONE can like this song!

Overall Rating
(Not Bad!)

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Promo Pic? Couldn’t get my hands on it, Gomen!

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