[Single][2010.08.11] Perfume – VOICE

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“VOICE” is the 11th major and 16th overall single released on 2010/08/11 by Perfume. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD that contains the PV for “VOICE”. “VOICE” was used as the “Nissan no Omise de!” Campaign commercial song and “575” was used as the KDDI “iida” commercial.

The Cover? Random much? But I like their shoes – to a certain extent – if I wanted to wear really flashy shoes! XD

The Cover? Nocchi looks the best. Kashiyuka looks too “I’m trying to be SHEKUSHI” type, and A-chan….she looks alright, there is something not right about her picture! The hands? Random!

I hope the single is better than the covers! =P


  • 575
  • VOICE – Instrumental
  • 575 – Instrumental

Typical single right? I thought so too!

VOICE is…interesting. It screams PERFUME! But that’s not necessarily bad. I kinda like this song – It’s like One Room Disco, but it seems more messed up. Why? Well –

  1. They’re all singing at the same time…so none of them have separate solo verses. Well even if they are singing solo, I can’t tell because they all sound the same.
  2. It doesn’t have that “ooomph” that their previous songs had. No One Room Disco’s “one-room-disco” feel, no Dream Fighter awsomeness, No Polyrhythm messing-with-the-head-tune-that-seemed-to-work-but-annoyed-the-hell-out-of-me-in-a-positive-way – so it’s just messed up.
  3. It’s long and they reach notes that should not be reached with autotune (whatever it is that they use). The “Tsuzuku narAAAAA~” in the chorus is – annoying – period.

Now it may seem like I’m bashing the song, but that is not the case; I said it’s not bad, and I just pointed out some of it’s negative points. The positive points?

  1. It’s fun to listen to MOST of the time. Alot of people will really like it and it might even start to grow on me.
  2. That’s it.

I don’t know – it doesn’t fulfill my Perfume requirements. Better luck next time girls. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much YOU might start to like it! =D

Now! 575 is an even more interesting song. It’s “Try something new” type. HOW? The song starts off with the first verse, and I swear they need to put more emotion into these types of songs. Their monotonous voices can ruin a good song! The chorus has a tad bit more emotion, but the most INTERESTING part is the RAP! Kashiyuka rapping?! Cool huh! It’s  a very witty idea and I think she pulled it off very well, and made the song SO MUCH MORE interesting than I thought it was going to be. There are two rap sections, and I only listen to the song because of those. I swear, the rap brings the whole song to life! LOVE~ this song!
(8/10 FOR THE RAP!)

Overall Rating
(-_- I thought they did better. But the CALCULATOR does NOT LIE! =P)

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Promo Time? Sorry! Internet connection is painfully slow!

[Lyrics] 4Minute – グッバイ; Goodbye (Romaji)

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I couldn’t find any lyrics to this song, so I decided to write them down myself so I could sing along…and I guess I decided to put them up too. These are by ear, so they might not be   100% accurate.
Also – I LOVE the song! Also the featured person/dude/guy rapping in english – I tried to write down his part, but I couldn’t understand some of his lines.
One more thing – I don’t know who’s who – so I didn’t bother writing down the names….if anyone knows, could they please tell me!
AND – if anyone needs the lyrics, feel free to take them – I don’t mind since it’s only romaji – but if you could, please credit – I kinda had to listen to the song OVER and OVER to get some of their lyrics down! THANKYOU!

グッバイ; Goodbye Romaji

[Yeah~ It was always for(4) me
it was always for(4) you
it was always 4Minute]

hana no nai tenshi ga ima
sora wo tada miageteiru
nani mo osorenai kanjinai

[But can you feel the sky?]

nanika ushinau koto ga
nanika wo dakishimeru yo
honto no tsuyosa ga miru

ima kimi wo wasureteiku yo
fukai (f)umi no naka

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

[Yeah~ Let it take it’s natural course tonight
I’ll be there for you ?(of)course? aside
Say “Goodbye Goodtimes”
before it flies by
4Minute a time]

chiriyuku hanabira no youni
namida ga koboreru nara
kimi no seide wa nainda to

ikikasete itanda ne
me wo sorashite itanda ne
kokoro no koe ga kikoeta

tada kimi wo omoidaseba
mune wo shimetsukeru

*sayonara me tojite
ukanda kimi no koe ima kikoeru
futari no kotoba

asahi no mukou ni wa
kyou ga matteru yo tada
nanika ga okorukara
mi wo makaseru yo

jibun ga jibun no tame dake ni
ikiteirunda to omoteta
honto no tsuyosa wa ai wo shiru koto oh~

sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoku hazu
no kono omoi
kimi no subete wo

[So what’cha waitin’ for
It’s time to live!]

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

romaji by: tikitok @cutisepopjpop.wordpress

Translation? I’m not that good at Japanese, so I’m not trying my hand at that! Maybe someone else can.
Feel free to point out any mistakes.

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne!

[Single][2010.08.04] Kana Nishino – if

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11th single by Kana Nishino – blah blah – Title track used as ending song for Naruto Shippuuden Movie – I’ve done this already!


  • if
  • I’ll be there
  • Beautiful

Thank God if sounds better this way! Here are my previous thoughts. I’m COMPLETELY LOVING this song in good quality. Kana gorgeousness! It’s beautiful! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Her vocals don’t sound high pitched now, and although she is singing in her HIGH~ voice, her voice completely fits with the arrangement of the song! As always – I love the chorus! The whole song generally – Great arrangement, great vocals, great background, great bridge! THANKYOU KANA for releasing a magical song like this! R&B Ballads to the end, and I think it’ll fit with Naruto as well! YAYS!
Overall – 9/10 (heaven!)

Huh! I was expecting I’ll be there to be a ballad and that’s exactly what it is! It’s got the same piano violin thing going on in the beginning, and again, the same Kana’s vocals followed by the R&B kick in. So again I fell for the song! Actually, it’s not bad – her vocals are lower than if and really suit the song. Maybe it’s not AS catchy – thus, it was made a B-side, but it is calm, and very peaceful. Also, I mentioned before about her melancholy vocals – well we don’t hear much of that until the end of the bridge…where she hits the soft high~ note, like those in Best Friend, but shorter. The ending kinda left me wanting…well a better ending – it was too abrupt!
Overall – 7/10 (too if wannabe)

Now we have GANGSTA KANA! I’m in a way glad Beautiful wasn’t a ballad, but why choose the title Beautiful for a heavily club dance influenced song. I can’t connect to this song – but I guess it’s great if you want BAD GIRL Kana! The tune is kinda twisted, and freaky – I really don’t know what to say. She did a good job, I mean I didn’t lose interest and die-hard fans won’t either because there’s a lot going on in this song.

Best Line(s) of the song –
|| Yes! We are Beautiful!

|| I don’t care what they think of me
|| You don’t know how to get my ~heart~

Overall – 6.5/10 (I can’t listen to it again & again *starts humming 2pm’s song* )

Overall Rating

Good job on the single! I’m happy! Kana fan! It’s anice single to start her new era! (*giggles* that sounds kinda epic!)

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S I love this Promo, so I’ll put this everywhere!

[Single][2010.08.04] Ikimono Gakari – キミがいる; You Are Here

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キミがいる; You Are Here is Ikimono Gakari’s 19th single, releasing 2010/08/04. The title track キミがいる was used as the theme song for the second season of the drama “Hotaru No Hikari” (ring a bell?) and is their first A-side written and composed by Kiyoe herself!

The cover? It’s random; apart from the fact that it greatly gives away the single as a summer single – using all those colors, it’s just nothing special…they should have chosen a better cover! It messes with my eyes (was that the whole point? =P)


  • キミがいる
  • キミがいる – Instrumental

No B-side? That’s a shame!
キミがいる is (obviously) a summer song, and I’m glad they’re back to the typical Ikimono style – fast to mid paced happy songs that compliment and are complimented by Kiyoe’s voice. The song starts off sort of like a ballad, with Kiyoe sounding very magical along with the arrangement, but the music soon turns to a happy, summery feel – not as fast paced as Kimagure Romantic – just mid paced happiness. I LOVE her voice in the verses, she sounds very hyper, and full of summer emotion. The verses are catchy (maybe a bit long and drag the song onto over 5 minutes) but the chorus is the real highlight of the song – it’s suprisingly catchy in a way that you’ll find yourself singing a tune you don’t know, and it’ll turn out to be THIS! The only problem I had is the instrumentation sections after each chorus, that also add to the length of the song. The chorus is repeated alot of times, but I guess it’s okay.
So overall…a nice release – I was very happy listening to this. RECOMMENDED!

The instrumental is….cute! I love listening to instrumentals, and this one is just happy, and CUTE! I’m glad they include instrumentals unlike SOMEONE *ahem* YES KANA! I’m TALKING ABOUT YOU!

For No B-Sides! DX

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Random Promo! XD

[Pre-Release Review] Kana Nishino – if

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Kana’s 11th single if, will release on 2010/08/04.

This cover SCREAMS Kana BALLAD! Overall, I really love the way everything’s placed in the cover; maybe ignoring the fact that her face looks kinda……round….(XD Gomen Kana!) But generally, the whole innocent, white background thing going on, makes her stand out alot – and the WRITING! Genius placement, and G.E.N.I.U.S is the person who chose the font. It’s perfect! Love this cover!

Okay, so to go the height of lame-ness, I’ll rate the covers!
This one gets:

On to the regular edition cover. Hmmm…..I actually like this more than the previous one. It’s again, very gentle, and ballad-y, with the same G.EN.I.U.S font. I also love her pose more in this one, and I love her clothes as well! Hmmm……Pretty, pretty Kana!


Now, moving on to the tracklist:

  • if
  • I’ll be there
  • Beautiful

The title track if, will be used as the ending theme song of the Naruto Shippuuden movie: Naruto Shippuuden 4: The Lost Tower. No complaints on that decision – I love Naruto, and I LOVE her songs! Great Combo!

if is BEAUTIFUL (judging from the beginning)! Being a ballad, it obviously retains Kana’s usual R&B style. The song starts off with some piano playing, followed by a very melancholy violin, Kana’s vocals, and the soft beats kick in. I am a sucker for these sort of beginnings, so naturally I already loved the song. Now, moving on to the verse, where she starts singing. OH NOES! I don’t know what to say – since the version of the song I have is just a rip form the video, it’s not exactly good quality, but even-so, her VOICE! *panics* It’s HIGH PITCHED!, and it ALMOST hurt my ears! Don’t do this KANA! The verses are overall interesting (tune-wise). However, the chorus is what makes the song so beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just beautifully gorgeous in it’s own mid-paced way (the tune she’s singing is CATHCY and GORGEOUS at the same time). I won’t say anything about her vocals now, I’ll wait for the proper quality version. Now the bridge – pretty pretty Kana, is all I can say – I’m glad it wasn’t long and boring, and instantly kicks off to the final chorus. Her ad-libbing in the end is a great highlight, and that’s it! End of song. I’m not sure if it’s Naruto material, but I guess that will be decided once the movie is seen. Listen and decide!

Right now, I give it:
6/10, for vocals (the chorus made it a 6 otherwise 4/10)
9/10, for arrangement and tune.

Looking at the rest of the tracklist, I’m glad that she always has 2 B-sides, so listeners get the FULL single satisfaction, but WHY THE HELL are there never any instrumentals? Her songs are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE listening to instrumentals – especially of beautiful songs – of which she has a TRUCKLOAD! Put instrumentals in!
I guess the tracklist looks okay; I just hope they aren’t ALL ballads; I’d easily get sick of her singing in the same melancholy voice of hers in all 3 songs! (I’m not really bashing her voice…in fact it’s a compliment saying that she puts a lot of emotion in her songs – which is good – but not ALL the time!) So I guess I’m really looking forward to the single! PLEASE GOD! LET IT BE WORTH WAITING!

Random thought: He-he, wouldn’t it be totally freaky, but kinda cool, if she did a cover of Tohoshinki’s I’ll be there! =P *bricked* It’s A RANDOM THOUGHT!

That’s it I guess….I hope the rest of the single is good! I’m kinda confused about if right now – at least it fits the cover! =P

Jaa! Mata Ne~


[Single](Jap)[2010.06.09] Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

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“Tell Me Goodbye” is BIGBANG’s fourth Japanese single. It was released in two versions: a regular CD Only edition, and a CD+DVD+Goods limited edition. The CD+DVD+Goods edition comes with a earphone cord holder that has a T.O.P character pattern. The title track was used as the opening theme for the Japanese broadcast of the Korean dorama IRIS. This makes their second theme song for the IRIS dorama, as their song “Hallelujah” was also used as theme song for the original Korean broadcast. The B-side, “HANDS UP”, was used as theme song for the TV-program Mezamashi Saturday. The single reached #5 on the Oricon Charts with 31,293 sales and is currently charting.
credit: JpopStop.wiki

  • Tell Me Goodbye
    (I’m sort of occupied so I’ll think of putting the Mp3’s later, but I find no reason for that! =P FANSITES!^_^)

Sounds – Like NOTHING I have heard before (I think =P)

1. I haven’t heard much from BIG BANG, and I feel like kicking myself for that after hearing Tell Me Goodbye. The piano play in the beginning is beautiful which (TO MY RELIEF) is accompanied by some very “strong” beats (I suppose) and GD opening the song, which I LOVE because even though I’m not too familiar with their music, I still have my favorite members and my favorite out of these guys is GD! I absolutely love the verses that are not too long like average Japanese songs and not too short like most Korean songs; they’re just the right length so by the time you reach the chorus, you won’t be dying to change the song. This brings us to the chorus, which takes some getting used to. WHY? because the verses are sung with very strong vocals and stronger music, while the chorus is sung lower, softer and the music mellows down as well so at first, the chorus seemed like a disappointment, but LOOK AT THAT! I LOVE IT NOW! Other than that, the rest, the rap, bridge everything is very amusing and it turned out to be a very wait-till-the-end song. Good job BB, I’ll listen to more of you from now on!

2. “HANDS UP! (Where I can see ’em!” – GOSH sorry that was lame!) is a typical song of the type I have heard TOO many times! JUST SIMPLY TOO MANY TIMES! So even though it may be pretty catchy, I lost interest almost as soon as it started, but I;m not really a DIE HARD fan, so I guess it doesn’t appeal to me too much, as much as it would to BB fans. Strong beats, catchy tune – okay song I guess! Nothing compared to TMG though!

(A 9.5/10 if they had made a better B-side!)

[Single] Tohoshinki – 時ヲ止メテ

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WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! My Loves are back! And my love for them has reached whole new levels! Oh! How I have missed these angels! I don’t care if they sing in Japanese or Korean or……..Swahili if they have to….If it’s DBSK/Tohoshinki…..I’M LOVING THEM ALL THE WAY! XD

I think I’m high on DBSK (I’ll call them that for now because “Tohoshinki is too kickass long to write everytime =P) I always love to express my undying lov-OBSESSION for Junsu. I have to admit I have bias towards him, so no matter what he does, be it the stupid-est thing in the world, in my eyes, he’ll be the CUTEST thing in the WORLD! ……It must be nice to be them ^.^ Crazy fangirls’ goggly eyes fixed on their O-so-perfect faces!

Release Date: 24/03/2010 (D/M/Y)

時ヲ止メテToki Wo Tomete–  –Stop the time- Has to be one of the most perfect ballads to listen to at night – plug in your head/ear phones and block out the sound from outside and LISTEN…..just listen to their AMAZING voices. The song was originally placed as the 7th track on their -BEST SELECTION 2010- album, and we fell in love with it as soon as we heard Jejung’s B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L voice in the first verse, followed by JUNSU! =D. But song details aside, their vocals have really improved since -Hug- which seems like such a long time back even though we just got the audio, but alas! YOUTUBE keeps time at PAUSE and watching the guys’ baby faces makes us……..*sob*. Their vocals have never failed to impress ANYONE! And, even though the chorus is repeated about 4 times in the song, It gets more and more powerful EACH FRICKIN’ TIME! AND Jejung’s HIIIIIIIGH Note in the end is an amazing way to end the song! I always skip to that part first and then the rest of the song. WOOOH! GAWD! I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH!

CHECKMATE -Solo>Yunho- OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT YUNHO!? WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YUNHO!? This song is many things and one of those things is…ADDICTIVE! From the very first beats, one gets HOOKED on to this song and seriously, I did NOT feel like letting go! It’s like a fresh new start from 時ヲ止メテ. GO GO YUNHO! With falsettos like “Stand by Meeeeeeeeeee“, and lines like “Oh! Now,never,stop come closer to me my sexy lady“….this song is like one huge seduction campaign! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Yunho’s turned into some kind of Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake person, like a Justin Jackson or something! Which is funny because if one gets the time to read the comments on this song, which we ironically did, ALOT of people diss Yunho for not being able to sing well…to which we including all Yunho fans respond…WHAT THE $%^&-ing $^%# did you SAY! Yunho can’t sing? Sure, even we admit that he is not the BEST singer out there, but his ballads, and songs like CHECKMATE remind us that he is NO LESS! His Voice is HOT! HE is HOT!  Just look at him! People shouldn’t go around saying he’s a bad singer by comparing him to his bandmates. He’s no Jejung, or Junsu, but he’s got his own style and way of singing. They’re all in different categories of the SAME level! And he should be respected for what he does! AM I RIGHT?

Well, it has almost always been impossible to get a single without a remix, but I haven’t really found the will to listen to it….so NO! NO! NO remix for now, I’ll just stick with the original because every time I listen to the remix, I lose a bit of my love for the original, and 時ヲ止メテ is definitely NOT a song to lose love of!

To conclude –


Heck! These songs are sooooooo good – even the instrumentals sound amazing!

Rating: Is it not obvious? 5/5 ALL THE WAY!


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