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“VOICE” is the 11th major and 16th overall single released on 2010/08/11 by Perfume. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD that contains the PV for “VOICE”. “VOICE” was used as the “Nissan no Omise de!” Campaign commercial song and “575” was used as the KDDI “iida” commercial.

The Cover? Random much? But I like their shoes – to a certain extent – if I wanted to wear really flashy shoes! XD

The Cover? Nocchi looks the best. Kashiyuka looks too “I’m trying to be SHEKUSHI” type, and A-chan….she looks alright, there is something not right about her picture! The hands? Random!

I hope the single is better than the covers! =P


  • 575
  • VOICE – Instrumental
  • 575 – Instrumental

Typical single right? I thought so too!

VOICE is…interesting. It screams PERFUME! But that’s not necessarily bad. I kinda like this song – It’s like One Room Disco, but it seems more messed up. Why? Well –

  1. They’re all singing at the same time…so none of them have separate solo verses. Well even if they are singing solo, I can’t tell because they all sound the same.
  2. It doesn’t have that “ooomph” that their previous songs had. No One Room Disco’s “one-room-disco” feel, no Dream Fighter awsomeness, No Polyrhythm messing-with-the-head-tune-that-seemed-to-work-but-annoyed-the-hell-out-of-me-in-a-positive-way – so it’s just messed up.
  3. It’s long and they reach notes that should not be reached with autotune (whatever it is that they use). The “Tsuzuku narAAAAA~” in the chorus is – annoying – period.

Now it may seem like I’m bashing the song, but that is not the case; I said it’s not bad, and I just pointed out some of it’s negative points. The positive points?

  1. It’s fun to listen to MOST of the time. Alot of people will really like it and it might even start to grow on me.
  2. That’s it.

I don’t know – it doesn’t fulfill my Perfume requirements. Better luck next time girls. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much YOU might start to like it! =D

Now! 575 is an even more interesting song. It’s “Try something new” type. HOW? The song starts off with the first verse, and I swear they need to put more emotion into these types of songs. Their monotonous voices can ruin a good song! The chorus has a tad bit more emotion, but the most INTERESTING part is the RAP! Kashiyuka rapping?! Cool huh! It’s  a very witty idea and I think she pulled it off very well, and made the song SO MUCH MORE interesting than I thought it was going to be. There are two rap sections, and I only listen to the song because of those. I swear, the rap brings the whole song to life! LOVE~ this song!
(8/10 FOR THE RAP!)

Overall Rating
(-_- I thought they did better. But the CALCULATOR does NOT LIE! =P)

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Promo Time? Sorry! Internet connection is painfully slow!

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