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I can’t help it! I just listened to the Japanese Version of Genie sooooooo many times – and I always smile when they say (apparently) “Suki ni Naru wa” because it sounds like… guessed it! “ZUCCHINI NARU WA!”
I am so so so impressed by the Japanese Version – it flows just as well as the original and PV is OUTSTANDING (except maybe for the cheap solo parts in front of those poorly coloured backgrounds) but the Circus tent and the t.v backgrounds were well…GENIE-US! Plus – is it just me or have all them – grown up? I was SHOCKED when I saw YOONA at 0:53 of the video and Seohyun! OMG! JESSICA! OMG! TAEYEON OMG! What happened! The only ones who look normal and maybe not so OMG are Yuri and Sooyoung. Hey! Did anyone notice something different about Tiffany? The RDR Taeyeon doesn’t suit her that much – her face looks too round like Kana’s. Oh well – it’s still good!

What do I think of them debuting in Japan? I LOVE IT! But I start thinking the same thing I thought when 4Minute and KARA debuted – JAPAN! LEARN A LESSON! I watched a video where this dude said that the J-people are impressed that K-Pop stars train alot before debuting – and that along with their music attracts them. Sure J-pop stars may train too, but it doesn’t seem to show! And I am SICK of these 48 member idol groups who – I’m sorry if I offend anyone – CANNOT HARMONIZE! They’re just too high~ pitched, and always have songs that sound the same, and try to be all KAWAII~ I have not seen or heard a GOOD, SEXY Japanese girl group EVER! Maybe that’s why Korea’s sending their stars (esp girls) to Japan – they probably had too much competition in Korea, and can bring something NEW to Japan! I MEAN COME ON JAPAN! Naked Boyz – 44 members aged 17 to 30! 30!!!!!!!!! in a boyband! I hate it!!!!!!!!!!! Also, K-pop stars are so well-groomed – e.g their TEETH are perfect, sure they have plastic surgery done, but they’re still beautiful(yes, even the guys *ahem* JAEJOONG!), and they know how to dance and sing and their videos are more high budget and well initiated! WHY JAPAN WHY! The more I think about it, the more depressed I get, but luckily, I have Kuu-chan, Ayu, and Namie to make me happy again. So now  – I’m waiting for KISS&KISS to debut – they actually look better, but the preview leaves me uncertain – since it sounds same old same old J-POP idol group! GAH! I’m angry now! JAPAN needs good BOY/GIRL bands! DO IT BEFORE THE CRAZE FINISHES AND KOREA GETS ALL THE ADVANTAGES! *pretends there is a J-Music Minister who heard the plead*

Wooh! So getting back to SNSD/Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation (Oh noes! They have 3 names too! ^^) – the Japanese debut was….
say it with me


and I wish them good luck in Japan
and I also wish that Japan pull up its socks!

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Lyrics] 4Minute – グッバイ; Goodbye (Romaji)

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I couldn’t find any lyrics to this song, so I decided to write them down myself so I could sing along…and I guess I decided to put them up too. These are by ear, so they might not be   100% accurate.
Also – I LOVE the song! Also the featured person/dude/guy rapping in english – I tried to write down his part, but I couldn’t understand some of his lines.
One more thing – I don’t know who’s who – so I didn’t bother writing down the names….if anyone knows, could they please tell me!
AND – if anyone needs the lyrics, feel free to take them – I don’t mind since it’s only romaji – but if you could, please credit – I kinda had to listen to the song OVER and OVER to get some of their lyrics down! THANKYOU!

グッバイ; Goodbye Romaji

[Yeah~ It was always for(4) me
it was always for(4) you
it was always 4Minute]

hana no nai tenshi ga ima
sora wo tada miageteiru
nani mo osorenai kanjinai

[But can you feel the sky?]

nanika ushinau koto ga
nanika wo dakishimeru yo
honto no tsuyosa ga miru

ima kimi wo wasureteiku yo
fukai (f)umi no naka

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

[Yeah~ Let it take it’s natural course tonight
I’ll be there for you ?(of)course? aside
Say “Goodbye Goodtimes”
before it flies by
4Minute a time]

chiriyuku hanabira no youni
namida ga koboreru nara
kimi no seide wa nainda to

ikikasete itanda ne
me wo sorashite itanda ne
kokoro no koe ga kikoeta

tada kimi wo omoidaseba
mune wo shimetsukeru

*sayonara me tojite
ukanda kimi no koe ima kikoeru
futari no kotoba

asahi no mukou ni wa
kyou ga matteru yo tada
nanika ga okorukara
mi wo makaseru yo

jibun ga jibun no tame dake ni
ikiteirunda to omoteta
honto no tsuyosa wa ai wo shiru koto oh~

sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoku hazu
no kono omoi
kimi no subete wo

[So what’cha waitin’ for
It’s time to live!]

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

romaji by: tikitok @cutisepopjpop.wordpress

Translation? I’m not that good at Japanese, so I’m not trying my hand at that! Maybe someone else can.
Feel free to point out any mistakes.

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne!

[Single](Jap)[2010.06.09] Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

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“Tell Me Goodbye” is BIGBANG’s fourth Japanese single. It was released in two versions: a regular CD Only edition, and a CD+DVD+Goods limited edition. The CD+DVD+Goods edition comes with a earphone cord holder that has a T.O.P character pattern. The title track was used as the opening theme for the Japanese broadcast of the Korean dorama IRIS. This makes their second theme song for the IRIS dorama, as their song “Hallelujah” was also used as theme song for the original Korean broadcast. The B-side, “HANDS UP”, was used as theme song for the TV-program Mezamashi Saturday. The single reached #5 on the Oricon Charts with 31,293 sales and is currently charting.

  • Tell Me Goodbye
    (I’m sort of occupied so I’ll think of putting the Mp3’s later, but I find no reason for that! =P FANSITES!^_^)

Sounds – Like NOTHING I have heard before (I think =P)

1. I haven’t heard much from BIG BANG, and I feel like kicking myself for that after hearing Tell Me Goodbye. The piano play in the beginning is beautiful which (TO MY RELIEF) is accompanied by some very “strong” beats (I suppose) and GD opening the song, which I LOVE because even though I’m not too familiar with their music, I still have my favorite members and my favorite out of these guys is GD! I absolutely love the verses that are not too long like average Japanese songs and not too short like most Korean songs; they’re just the right length so by the time you reach the chorus, you won’t be dying to change the song. This brings us to the chorus, which takes some getting used to. WHY? because the verses are sung with very strong vocals and stronger music, while the chorus is sung lower, softer and the music mellows down as well so at first, the chorus seemed like a disappointment, but LOOK AT THAT! I LOVE IT NOW! Other than that, the rest, the rap, bridge everything is very amusing and it turned out to be a very wait-till-the-end song. Good job BB, I’ll listen to more of you from now on!

2. “HANDS UP! (Where I can see ’em!” – GOSH sorry that was lame!) is a typical song of the type I have heard TOO many times! JUST SIMPLY TOO MANY TIMES! So even though it may be pretty catchy, I lost interest almost as soon as it started, but I;m not really a DIE HARD fan, so I guess it doesn’t appeal to me too much, as much as it would to BB fans. Strong beats, catchy tune – okay song I guess! Nothing compared to TMG though!

(A 9.5/10 if they had made a better B-side!)

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