[Lyrics] 4Minute – グッバイ; Goodbye (Romaji)

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I couldn’t find any lyrics to this song, so I decided to write them down myself so I could sing along…and I guess I decided to put them up too. These are by ear, so they might not be   100% accurate.
Also – I LOVE the song! Also the featured person/dude/guy rapping in english – I tried to write down his part, but I couldn’t understand some of his lines.
One more thing – I don’t know who’s who – so I didn’t bother writing down the names….if anyone knows, could they please tell me!
AND – if anyone needs the lyrics, feel free to take them – I don’t mind since it’s only romaji – but if you could, please credit – I kinda had to listen to the song OVER and OVER to get some of their lyrics down! THANKYOU!

グッバイ; Goodbye Romaji

[Yeah~ It was always for(4) me
it was always for(4) you
it was always 4Minute]

hana no nai tenshi ga ima
sora wo tada miageteiru
nani mo osorenai kanjinai

[But can you feel the sky?]

nanika ushinau koto ga
nanika wo dakishimeru yo
honto no tsuyosa ga miru

ima kimi wo wasureteiku yo
fukai (f)umi no naka

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

[Yeah~ Let it take it’s natural course tonight
I’ll be there for you ?(of)course? aside
Say “Goodbye Goodtimes”
before it flies by
4Minute a time]

chiriyuku hanabira no youni
namida ga koboreru nara
kimi no seide wa nainda to

ikikasete itanda ne
me wo sorashite itanda ne
kokoro no koe ga kikoeta

tada kimi wo omoidaseba
mune wo shimetsukeru

*sayonara me tojite
ukanda kimi no koe ima kikoeru
futari no kotoba

asahi no mukou ni wa
kyou ga matteru yo tada
nanika ga okorukara
mi wo makaseru yo

jibun ga jibun no tame dake ni
ikiteirunda to omoteta
honto no tsuyosa wa ai wo shiru koto oh~

sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoku hazu
no kono omoi
kimi no subete wo

[So what’cha waitin’ for
It’s time to live!]

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

romaji by: tikitok @cutisepopjpop.wordpress

Translation? I’m not that good at Japanese, so I’m not trying my hand at that! Maybe someone else can.
Feel free to point out any mistakes.

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne!

[Album][2010.06.28] Super Junior – 미인아 – Miina (Bonamana) Repackaged

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Here it is!

Not bad, I’ve been dying to hear the Remix! =D

*It’s a post, but the Mp3 is there!
(Ask me for the rest of the mp3s please, I can’t be bothered to upload them if no-one’s going to download! =P But I seriously don’t mind if you ask! SO ASK! I’ll reply for sure!=D)

1. No Other – I’ve done this! A nice laid back, R & B song, with very soft and synchronized vocals.

2. All My Heart (written by members: Henry and Leeteuk) is the next song listed on their repackaged album and right now, I’ll just say, that it’s a very sweet, easy going song, again very different from Bonamana, and No Other, even though it still retains that R & B feel. Their vocals are again, very nice, relaxed and as easy going as the song, and they’ve got the whole “Na Na Na” thing going on in the chorus. The overall impression coming from the song is very sweet, I-LOVE-YOU type (sort of like “Good Person”). The beats, the rap, the vocals make it a very enjoyable song. RECOMMENDED! ^_^

3. OH! THIS SONG! IT ALMOST MADE ME CRY! (written by member Eunhyuk and composed by member Donghae —> EUNHAE! XD) “Goodbye” is sung as the last song by Kangin, before going for military service. I have to admit, he was never really THERE in Super Junior for me, because I was sort of DROWNED with Kyuhyun and HeeChul, and I feel really bad that I did that after hearing this song! It’s so sweet, dominated by the piano accompanied with R & B beats and taking off with the line “Oh baby say Goodbye” and those amazing whispery vocals, after which Kangin takes control of the verses and DAMN! I love his voice! The verses are pretty short and the chorus is again “Oh baby say Goodbye———-“. The bridge is just as soft as the verses, and again, this is a very memorable addition to the album; I’m glad we have such great composers and writers here! YAY! WE’LL MISS YOU KANGIN! KANGIN+SUJU FIGHTING!

4. Shake It Up! REMIX! I was WAITING FOR THIS! I’ve got to say, I’m never really a fan of remixes, because they always speed the song, and make it more dancy than it should be. Well they didn’t do the speed up thing TOO MUCH (it’s still there), but the dance thing, they were ready to do, and with that, they got rid of the amazing Jazz feel of the song, and made it more techno dance, with a little more autotune. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that like every other remix, I prefer the original version better! Not bad though!


Jaa! Mata Ne~

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