[Digital Single][2010.07.07] RYTHEM – 無題 (Mudai); Untitled

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RYTHEM’s 4th Digital Single 無題 (Mudai; Untitled) was released on 2010.07.07.

For those who don’t know:
RYTHEM is a female pop duo from Japan, who are noted for singing cheerful melodies and ballads (usually acoustic). The duo consists of pianist Nitsu, Yui and guitarist Katou, Yukari.

I, personally, am a HUGE fan of RYTHEM and it’s really unfortunate that they’re not really popular outside Japan, because these girls are REALLY, REALLY talented. Their ballads are some of the very rare ballads that sincerely “get” to me. If anyone reading this is a fan of very emotional piano-based ballads, you should try listening to “Kubisuji Line” (one of my all-time favorites) or “Sakura Uta” (for a more sweet rhythm). Naruto lovers should have heard their song “Harmonia“, which was used as the first opening to the series. This single: I literally went CRAZY looking for, and still, I only got a poor quality version T_T found a 192 kbps version! YAYS! ^^


(Link updated – 192 kbps)

(Don’t know for sure what the cover is! ^^ I’m guessing it’s a bigger version of my current header!)

Since, I love RYTHEM, I knew straight away when I first heard about the song, that I was going to love it; but I did NOT know that I was going to love it THIS MUCH! They may have changed their style to a more stronger arrangement, but it still remains a PURE (seriously, THIS is what I call PURE) RYTHEM ballad – which is what I love about this song. I can’t believe it almost made me cry! Their vocals are as full of emotion as ever, while still retaining their amazing qualities. The chorus = BEAUTIFUL! I love who ever came up with the tune of this song! The verses are sung soft and with great care  – almost with a huge amount of fragility. And even though it’s above 4 minutes, (an ideal song) I still can’t help but feel that it’s short! GAH! There are seriously no words for how much I LOVE this song! But that’s just me right? People who don’t love ballads to the VERY END OF THE WORLD (like I do), probably might find it a bit too sappy and girly!
One more thing: It kinda reminds me of their last single “Tsunaidete”, so anyone who liked that song, might like this one too! ^^

I inserted a link just in case there ARE people who want to listen to it!

Rating: (what do you think?)



Okay, I’m calming down…..well:

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Pre-Release Review] Kana Nishino – if

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Kana’s 11th single if, will release on 2010/08/04.

This cover SCREAMS Kana BALLAD! Overall, I really love the way everything’s placed in the cover; maybe ignoring the fact that her face looks kinda……round….(XD Gomen Kana!) But generally, the whole innocent, white background thing going on, makes her stand out alot – and the WRITING! Genius placement, and G.E.N.I.U.S is the person who chose the font. It’s perfect! Love this cover!

Okay, so to go the height of lame-ness, I’ll rate the covers!
This one gets:

On to the regular edition cover. Hmmm…..I actually like this more than the previous one. It’s again, very gentle, and ballad-y, with the same G.EN.I.U.S font. I also love her pose more in this one, and I love her clothes as well! Hmmm……Pretty, pretty Kana!


Now, moving on to the tracklist:

  • if
  • I’ll be there
  • Beautiful

The title track if, will be used as the ending theme song of the Naruto Shippuuden movie: Naruto Shippuuden 4: The Lost Tower. No complaints on that decision – I love Naruto, and I LOVE her songs! Great Combo!

if is BEAUTIFUL (judging from the beginning)! Being a ballad, it obviously retains Kana’s usual R&B style. The song starts off with some piano playing, followed by a very melancholy violin, Kana’s vocals, and the soft beats kick in. I am a sucker for these sort of beginnings, so naturally I already loved the song. Now, moving on to the verse, where she starts singing. OH NOES! I don’t know what to say – since the version of the song I have is just a rip form the video, it’s not exactly good quality, but even-so, her VOICE! *panics* It’s HIGH PITCHED!, and it ALMOST hurt my ears! Don’t do this KANA! The verses are overall interesting (tune-wise). However, the chorus is what makes the song so beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just beautifully gorgeous in it’s own mid-paced way (the tune she’s singing is CATHCY and GORGEOUS at the same time). I won’t say anything about her vocals now, I’ll wait for the proper quality version. Now the bridge – pretty pretty Kana, is all I can say – I’m glad it wasn’t long and boring, and instantly kicks off to the final chorus. Her ad-libbing in the end is a great highlight, and that’s it! End of song. I’m not sure if it’s Naruto material, but I guess that will be decided once the movie is seen. Listen and decide!

Right now, I give it:
6/10, for vocals (the chorus made it a 6 otherwise 4/10)
9/10, for arrangement and tune.

Looking at the rest of the tracklist, I’m glad that she always has 2 B-sides, so listeners get the FULL single satisfaction, but WHY THE HELL are there never any instrumentals? Her songs are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE listening to instrumentals – especially of beautiful songs – of which she has a TRUCKLOAD! Put instrumentals in!
I guess the tracklist looks okay; I just hope they aren’t ALL ballads; I’d easily get sick of her singing in the same melancholy voice of hers in all 3 songs! (I’m not really bashing her voice…in fact it’s a compliment saying that she puts a lot of emotion in her songs – which is good – but not ALL the time!) So I guess I’m really looking forward to the single! PLEASE GOD! LET IT BE WORTH WAITING!

Random thought: He-he, wouldn’t it be totally freaky, but kinda cool, if she did a cover of Tohoshinki’s I’ll be there! =P *bricked* It’s A RANDOM THOUGHT!

That’s it I guess….I hope the rest of the single is good! I’m kinda confused about if right now – at least it fits the cover! =P

Jaa! Mata Ne~


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