[Scans] Shojo Jidai – GENIE Scans

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(Click to enlarge – some of them are HUGE!)

…………..and my favorite one……………..

I love this one, but the solos look a bit plastic (literally)! Oh well – they’re still pretty!!! Especially the one above!

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Single][2010.09.09] Shoujo Jidai – GENIE Review

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Debut Japanese Single (but we ALL know that) Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation’s “GENIE” reached #2 on it’s 3rd day! If that doesn’t scream “JAPAN LOVES SNSD”, I don’t know what does! I was actually anticipating this alot – listening to the good quality version after watching the video.

The Cover? I think all of them look STUNNING! Much better than the Korean cover, which had TERRIBLE placing! I hated looking at that cover, but this one, is actually hot! =P


  • GENIE (Original Version)
  • GENIE (Instrumental) (Without Main Vocal)

Pretty basic tracklist huh?

GENIE is the Japanese version of the Korean song of the same name. BIG SURPRISE! It’s not like they would have the guts to release a completely original song like DBSK did (HUG doesn’t count, it wasn’t a proper single!) but I respect that they wanted to enter the JPOP industry, though I heard it was because they would get more money, but some (including me) believe that it’s because they get a chance to give something new to the industry – I mean come on! At the back of even the biggest fans of JPOP Girl Idol Groups, you know that KPOP Girl Groups may be plastic, but they still have STANDARD. I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid (okay maybe a little) of saying it again – JAPAN NEEDS BETTER GROUPS! it can learn to stay original and NOT plastic if it takes a go at it! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving away from that – The Japanese version is definitely much easier to sing along with, but it does lack that emotion that the Korean version had. I think they’re focusing too much in the lyrics to get the emotion right – for example, the chorus is toned down and doesn’t give that amazing BLARING feeling that the Korean Version gave. The verses are pretty good and apart from the language difference – sound the same. The lyrics fit pretty well unlike the Japanese version of MIROTIC – My god! Was that a mess or what!!!!??? Taeyeon’s adlibs sound almost the same except they’re not heard as loudly as the Korean version – an there’s a little “Tell me what you want, tell me what you hope” added before Tiffany’s “Put it back on”, just like HyunA added that little talk section in I My Me Mine as well – which also fit in well, though I don’t why it was done!?   XD So ending this – I think SNSD are set for their debut!

The Instrumental is BARELY an instrumental, which is pretty disappointing (and the reason I put a strikeout on the word) because I was looking forward to listening to the chorus without the vocals. Turns out when they say “Without Main Vocal” they MEAN “Without Main Vocal”!!!!!! Just the verses are actually “Instrumental” s, other than that – EVEN THE ADLIBS ARE THERE! Sucky!!!!!!!!!


That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.s. The scans are really pretty – but my INTERNET is the problem – maybe later! =P

Shojo Jidai – GENIE-US! ^^

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I can’t help it! I just listened to the Japanese Version of Genie sooooooo many times – and I always smile when they say (apparently) “Suki ni Naru wa” because it sounds like…..you guessed it! “ZUCCHINI NARU WA!”
I am so so so impressed by the Japanese Version – it flows just as well as the original and PV is OUTSTANDING (except maybe for the cheap solo parts in front of those poorly coloured backgrounds) but the Circus tent and the t.v backgrounds were well…GENIE-US! Plus – is it just me or have all them – grown up? I was SHOCKED when I saw YOONA at 0:53 of the video and Seohyun! OMG! JESSICA! OMG! TAEYEON OMG! What happened! The only ones who look normal and maybe not so OMG are Yuri and Sooyoung. Hey! Did anyone notice something different about Tiffany? The RDR Taeyeon doesn’t suit her that much – her face looks too round like Kana’s. Oh well – it’s still good!

What do I think of them debuting in Japan? I LOVE IT! But I start thinking the same thing I thought when 4Minute and KARA debuted – JAPAN! LEARN A LESSON! I watched a video where this dude said that the J-people are impressed that K-Pop stars train alot before debuting – and that along with their music attracts them. Sure J-pop stars may train too, but it doesn’t seem to show! And I am SICK of these 48 member idol groups who – I’m sorry if I offend anyone – CANNOT HARMONIZE! They’re just too high~ pitched, and always have songs that sound the same, and try to be all KAWAII~ I have not seen or heard a GOOD, SEXY Japanese girl group EVER! Maybe that’s why Korea’s sending their stars (esp girls) to Japan – they probably had too much competition in Korea, and can bring something NEW to Japan! I MEAN COME ON JAPAN! Naked Boyz – 44 members aged 17 to 30! 30!!!!!!!!! in a boyband! I hate it!!!!!!!!!!! Also, K-pop stars are so well-groomed – e.g their TEETH are perfect, sure they have plastic surgery done, but they’re still beautiful(yes, even the guys *ahem* JAEJOONG!), and they know how to dance and sing and their videos are more high budget and well initiated! WHY JAPAN WHY! The more I think about it, the more depressed I get, but luckily, I have Kuu-chan, Ayu, and Namie to make me happy again. So now  – I’m waiting for KISS&KISS to debut – they actually look better, but the preview leaves me uncertain – since it sounds same old same old J-POP idol group! GAH! I’m angry now! JAPAN needs good BOY/GIRL bands! DO IT BEFORE THE CRAZE FINISHES AND KOREA GETS ALL THE ADVANTAGES! *pretends there is a J-Music Minister who heard the plead*

Wooh! So getting back to SNSD/Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation (Oh noes! They have 3 names too! ^^) – the Japanese debut was….
say it with me


and I wish them good luck in Japan
and I also wish that Japan pull up its socks!

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

Run Devil Run! SNSD On.A.Roll—–!!!!!!! ^_^

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Seriously, the whole rumor-thing about “Black Soshi” was getting on my nerves! They’ve been putting it off since JANUARY! But it’s here…At Last! I guess releasing “Oh!” wasn’t enough to gain our attention…they had to come back with a cover of Ke$ha’s song huh?

Well YES! Yes they did and they did a kickass awesome job at it!

  • Run Devil Run ~RDR~
  • Echo
  • ☆★☆ RnB Ver.

I don’t know what it is about RDR but it just didn’t disappoint. Everything was so lovable. Many think that they did a plain H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E job but those ppl should just cut these girls some slack, even if it is very little slack, it’s still some slack! THIS is SNSD, and THAT is Ke$ha! They’re different people thus they would naturally have different ways of singing the song. I love Ke$ha’s music, but there’s no harm in loving SNSD if you love Ke$ha. Sure it’ll be weird if one loves Arashi and not News. I mean COME ON! They’re both SO ADWOWABUL! :3 But sticking to the topic, SNSD didn’t technically cover the song, they sang it because it wasn’t really released by Ke$ha ( I am going NUTS having to look for the $ everytime I mention Ke$ha, so I’ll stop mentioning her!) To conclude—


But ahhhhh, there will always have to be a cutesy song with SNSD wherever we may stumble across a hot song, and Echo just about fills the spot. I thought this would be another sexy, hot song like RDR to let the girls settle further into their Black concept. BUT NO NO NO NO NO! ECHO will bring back that adorable-ness about SNSD that we know and love! The most lovable thing about this song probably has to be the BWOAHHHHH! Awwww! I can’t stop listening to this song. And the chorus is as lovely as ever. I’m still not to sure about who sings which line but there’s one girl whose voice cuts my ear drum, but……what the heck it’s still cute.  It’s like water that gets stuck in your head after a bath, that just doesn’t come out, no matter how much you try! Yes SNSD have done it again with ECHO!   ~“ECHO ECHO ECHO IN MY MIND?”~ OH YES YOU DO!

Another addition to the album is the RnB version of STAR STAR STAR. But I can’t say much because I haven’t really heard any version of this song properly. I have some SNSD listening to do! YAYS!

To (once again) conclude, SNSD has taken the road to even greater things than GEE! I didn’t think that was possible. The dark sexy concept in RDR and the lovable Echo, has opened our minds and hearts to love these girls even more. And it makes us miss our SUJU all the more. Where o’ where have our boys gone?*sighs very deeply* *silence*


Don’t push the limit girls, take it nice and slow…you’ll get there!

CARRY THIS LOOK ON SNSD AND WE WILL NEVER THINK OF YOU AS FAKES! (Not that WE ever did! ^_^ Maybe our older sisters-who-fail-to-understand-us did………..x_x)

You guys decide on what you think of their new look. Personally, I think Jessica and Taeyeon look the best! AND Yoona’s pose on the cover…Dont’ even get me started! ^_^

To download –  http://popurk.blogspot.com/

[Lyrics] SNSD/Girls’ Generation – Oh!

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[ALL] jeone aldeon naega anya brand new sound
saerowojin nawa hamkke one more round
dance dance dance till we run this town
oppa oppa i’ll be i’ll be down down down down

[SEOHYEON] oppa najom bwa nareul jom barabwa
[TIFFANY] cheoeum iya ireon nae maltu Ha!
[YURI] meorido hago hwajangdo haetneunde
[JESSICA] wae neoman nareul moreuni

[TAEYEON] dugeun dugeun gaseumi tteollyeowayo
jakku jakku sangsangman haneun georyo
[SOOYOUNG] eotteohge hana kotdae nopdeon naega
[YOONA] malhago sipeo

[ALL] Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae
[SUNNY] sujubeuni jebal utji mayo
[TAEYEON] jinsim ini nollijido marayo
tto babogateun mal ppunya

[ALL] jeone aldeon naega anya brand new sound
saerowojin nawa hamkke one more round
dance dance dance till we run this town
oppa oppa i’ll be i’ll be down down down down

[JESSICA] oppa jamkkanman jamkkanman deureobwa
[SUNNY] jakkuhan yaegineun malgo
[SOOYOUNG] dongsaengeuroman saenggakhajineun mara
[HYOYEON] ilnyeondwimyeon huhoe halgeol

[TIFFANY] molla molla nae mameun jeonhyeo molla
nunchieoptge jangnanman chineungeoryo
[HYOYEON] eotteohge hana i cheoreoptneun sarama
[SEOHYEON] deureobwa jeongmal

[ALL] Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae
[YURI] sujubeuni jebal utji mayo
[YOONA] jinsim ini nollijido marayo
[ALL] tto geureomyeon nan uljido molla

[ALL] jeone aldeon naega anya
Brand New Sound
mwonga dareun oneulmaneun tteugeoun nan
jeomjeom ireojima hwaman na
oppa oppa idaeroneun no no no no

[JESSICA] Tell me boy boy love it it it it it ah!

[ALL] Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae

[TAEYEON] tto babo gateun malppunya

[ALL] Oh Oh Oh Oh
ah ah ah ah
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah manhi manhi Oh

[Digital Single (Mp3 DL)] SNSD/Girls’ Generation – OH!

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It’s weird that I’m only posting Korean music while I’m supposed to be a complete JPOP addict!

Okay, so this single hasn’t really been released yet, but I found the Mp3 and decided to share, even though I hate uploading stuff to mediafire! =P

Release Date: 28/01/10

So far, this is the only song I have, we’ll see if there are more on the real single. I got it as soon as I saw the words “Girls’ Generation – OH” written on the screen and usually I stop and watch the video of a new song on youtube, to see if I like it, but SNSD just can’t disappoint so I downloaded it straight away and YES! It’s true that they really do NOT disappoint! This song is so typically the type of music I love listening to (so I’m not really sure how anyone else would like it). I can’t describe this, except that it’s got a really nice – what can I call it – techno? feel to it. Sorry, I’m not really used to these terms. The girls sound very nice singing in the beginning and it seems like a good dance song. The verses were a BIT annoying, but the chorus (with the Oh! Oh! Oh!) and the rest of the song are really catchy (but maybe not as catchy as Gee). There is one repetitive line but I can’t really tell what they’re saying except I think they say “Dance Dance Dance!” & “Oppa Oppa” or something! The girls sound really nice singing together and it’s got a very girlie, dancy mood to it.

This has to be ONE of their best songs after Gee! (Gosh! I love that song as well!) But the thing for this song was that it’s too short, I mean I’m used to 4 minute – 5 minute long songs! This was about barely more than 3:10 minutes long! D=



[Edit] I actually don’t find the verses that bad; now that I know their names and stuff, I think they did a really good job on the whole song!


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