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Now! What is this post about? Frankly I have no idea myself, but it’s apparently supposed to add “FLAVA!” (as my friend put it) to my blog. I’d also point out that the name is inspired by JYJ’s new mini album. (Yes! For those who didn’t know, it’s called “The…”)
Now seriously what is this post about! I honestly have NO idea! But I’ll be putting them up once every while. Right now, I need to find out what it’s purpose is – and for that I will go seek my friend’s knowledge!

[Edit] Ah! Now I know! But I’m not sure how to explain. Apparently, since this is MY blog, I can make it more than just reviews…..apart from reviews and thoughts on songs, I should add more stuff, like “What Ive been listening to recently’ or “THE CURRENT BEST SONG EVA!” kinda thing. Not a bad idea right? But I’m not sure I can do that kind of thing – I’ll try anyway. So for now – Thankyou Eva! (See the connection above? Isn’t she self-obssessed?) I’ll try to put these The… posts up!

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