[Single][2010.09.09] Shoujo Jidai – GENIE Review

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Debut Japanese Single (but we ALL know that) Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation’s “GENIE” reached #2 on it’s 3rd day! If that doesn’t scream “JAPAN LOVES SNSD”, I don’t know what does! I was actually anticipating this alot – listening to the good quality version after watching the video.

The Cover? I think all of them look STUNNING! Much better than the Korean cover, which had TERRIBLE placing! I hated looking at that cover, but this one, is actually hot! =P


  • GENIE (Original Version)
  • GENIE (Instrumental) (Without Main Vocal)

Pretty basic tracklist huh?

GENIE is the Japanese version of the Korean song of the same name. BIG SURPRISE! It’s not like they would have the guts to release a completely original song like DBSK did (HUG doesn’t count, it wasn’t a proper single!) but I respect that they wanted to enter the JPOP industry, though I heard it was because they would get more money, but some (including me) believe that it’s because they get a chance to give something new to the industry – I mean come on! At the back of even the biggest fans of JPOP Girl Idol Groups, you know that KPOP Girl Groups may be plastic, but they still have STANDARD. I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid (okay maybe a little) of saying it again – JAPAN NEEDS BETTER GROUPS! it can learn to stay original and NOT plastic if it takes a go at it! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving away from that – The Japanese version is definitely much easier to sing along with, but it does lack that emotion that the Korean version had. I think they’re focusing too much in the lyrics to get the emotion right – for example, the chorus is toned down and doesn’t give that amazing BLARING feeling that the Korean Version gave. The verses are pretty good and apart from the language difference – sound the same. The lyrics fit pretty well unlike the Japanese version of MIROTIC – My god! Was that a mess or what!!!!??? Taeyeon’s adlibs sound almost the same except they’re not heard as loudly as the Korean version – an there’s a little “Tell me what you want, tell me what you hope” added before Tiffany’s “Put it back on”, just like HyunA added that little talk section in I My Me Mine as well – which also fit in well, though I don’t why it was done!?   XD So ending this – I think SNSD are set for their debut!

The Instrumental is BARELY an instrumental, which is pretty disappointing (and the reason I put a strikeout on the word) because I was looking forward to listening to the chorus without the vocals. Turns out when they say “Without Main Vocal” they MEAN “Without Main Vocal”!!!!!! Just the verses are actually “Instrumental” s, other than that – EVEN THE ADLIBS ARE THERE! Sucky!!!!!!!!!


That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.s. The scans are really pretty – but my INTERNET is the problem – maybe later! =P

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