[Digital Single][2010.07.07] RYTHEM – 無題 (Mudai); Untitled

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RYTHEM’s 4th Digital Single 無題 (Mudai; Untitled) was released on 2010.07.07.

For those who don’t know:
RYTHEM is a female pop duo from Japan, who are noted for singing cheerful melodies and ballads (usually acoustic). The duo consists of pianist Nitsu, Yui and guitarist Katou, Yukari.

I, personally, am a HUGE fan of RYTHEM and it’s really unfortunate that they’re not really popular outside Japan, because these girls are REALLY, REALLY talented. Their ballads are some of the very rare ballads that sincerely “get” to me. If anyone reading this is a fan of very emotional piano-based ballads, you should try listening to “Kubisuji Line” (one of my all-time favorites) or “Sakura Uta” (for a more sweet rhythm). Naruto lovers should have heard their song “Harmonia“, which was used as the first opening to the series. This single: I literally went CRAZY looking for, and still, I only got a poor quality version T_T found a 192 kbps version! YAYS! ^^


(Link updated – 192 kbps)

(Don’t know for sure what the cover is! ^^ I’m guessing it’s a bigger version of my current header!)

Since, I love RYTHEM, I knew straight away when I first heard about the song, that I was going to love it; but I did NOT know that I was going to love it THIS MUCH! They may have changed their style to a more stronger arrangement, but it still remains a PURE (seriously, THIS is what I call PURE) RYTHEM ballad – which is what I love about this song. I can’t believe it almost made me cry! Their vocals are as full of emotion as ever, while still retaining their amazing qualities. The chorus = BEAUTIFUL! I love who ever came up with the tune of this song! The verses are sung soft and with great care  – almost with a huge amount of fragility. And even though it’s above 4 minutes, (an ideal song) I still can’t help but feel that it’s short! GAH! There are seriously no words for how much I LOVE this song! But that’s just me right? People who don’t love ballads to the VERY END OF THE WORLD (like I do), probably might find it a bit too sappy and girly!
One more thing: It kinda reminds me of their last single “Tsunaidete”, so anyone who liked that song, might like this one too! ^^

I inserted a link just in case there ARE people who want to listen to it!

Rating: (what do you think?)



Okay, I’m calming down…..well:

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~


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  1. Since I graduated from collage, I’m not that up-to-date with J-songs. But a couple minutes ago, I got an email about RYTHEM latest digital single 無題. When I goggled it, your website appeared in the first page. And I have to agree, that sadly RYTHEM is not really popular outside Japan.

    The first time I heard them is through Naruto. Then when I’m in college & raiding my friend’s computer files, I found couple folders containing their songs. I asked him, if RYTHEM was that good that he collected all of their singles & albums, and was answered “not really. I was just bored and decided to download it to kill time.” But I thought, why didn’t I give it a try. And I instantly fell in love with キセキ. Been replaying it day and night till my housemate pleaded to stop it.

    Okay, I should stop rambling now. The point is, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s crazy about their songs.

    • I don’t mind the rambling really! I’m actually very VERY HAPPY that there ARE other people who love their songs as well; I heard them first on Naruto as well (actually, at first I thought the voice-actresses themselves were singing, but that’s besides the point!) and I instantly fell in love with their voices and their music style fit my liking perfectly! After that, it was all “Download RYTHEM! Download RYTHEM!” but it’s always so hard to find their songs! I always end up going crazy searching for one song, and by the end, I always end up wishing they were more POPULAR because they can SING! They need to be more popular outside Japan TT

  2. woow thanks about the mp3
    i love RYTHEM ^^

  3. Hey! I’m happy to find someone who also know RYTHEM’s songs :)

    I’ve been a fan of RYTHEM since Utatane, their first album. I’ve been watching how they’ve been growing as musicians. But I also noticed something:

    I miss so much her nature-oriented sound. Utatane and Mugen Factory are two strong nature albums, but 23 is highly more R&B. They changed, they absolute changed. I mean: You can’t compare the sound of Hotarubi and Love Call. Nor Komugi Iro Love Song and Tsunaidete. That’s what I mean: I want to know if you feel the same way about their change of style.

    • You noticed it too? Thank God! I was beginning to think I was the only one since my friends seemed to consider it the same! TT
      I have to say that in a way I really liked how they’ve become more R&B influenced – 23 was so mature and a step up from Mugen Factory, plus they put in ballads like Kubisuji Line and Bitter & Sweet which are some my favorites – but I know what you mean too – I don’t hear any songs like Harmonia or Kokoro Biidama from them anymore – and I do miss the old RYTHEM. However – I think that the change has to occur some time or the other, like DBSK (if you know them) went from Hug to MIROTIC – that’s a huge change, if they had kept on singing songs like Hug, people would’ve gotten bored no? Just like that, I think RYTHEM wanted to try a new style and see what people think! So I’m half-half! ^^

  4. Gosh I love RYTHEM, these girls are incredible. Gotta say, this is possibly their most powerful song yet, and possibly shoots to the top of my favourite list of their songs (right up there with Mikadzuki Rhapsody and Kubisuji Line). Believe it or not, I did actually shed a tear when I first heard Mudai the lyrics touched me so.

    I also agree their music has changed and matured with each album. It works though, as I feel they are almost growing up with me (a bit daggy but it keeps it fresh). I doubt I could ever get bored with these girls though, their vocal harmonies are just magical.

    • ooh, almost forgot, THANK YOU for uploading a great quality version of this song, I too was going crazy trying to find it.
      I can’t wait to go back to Japan to buy some more of their CDs, but this will definitely keep me happy in the meantime!

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