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I just randomly got this!

For those who don’t know:

miray (Kaneko Mirei) is a Japanese reggae/dancehall singer-songwriter and producer signed to avex trax under rhythm zone.
miray’s debut-album “miray” was released 2010.08.04, and that’s all I know about that! She’s not REALLY popular since she debuted in 2008, but I see real potential in her. Read on if you’re interested!

The Cover? It’s so SUMMER! I really like it, and I love what she’s wearing. Plus, she’s really pretty. I wonder if she’ll go into the Ero-Kakoii image like Kuu. Hmmm….It is avex after all, and avex will so anything for promotion! AVEX! T.T


  • パラソルスマイル (Parasoru sumairu?)
  • Travel
  • ホントはね… ft. CORN HEAD (Honto wa ne… ft. CORN HEAD)
  • どストライク!! (Do Sutaraiko!)
  • Proof of Love
  • Jump Pump
  • L.L
  • 恋しくて ~You’re not here~ (Koishikute ~You’re not here~)
  • ゆれLove Hearts (Yure Love Hearts)

Before I begin, I must point out that I have NO experience with reggae! So I don’t really know what dance hall, or ragga, or reggae fusion is when I hear it. I’ll refer to the songs as pop, summery, ballad etc. okay?

BOX SEAT ft. KM-MARKIT, begins with her calling out in engR/Lish? Oh! Now I understand what reggae is. Ha! Not bad. Since this the opening song, it’s naturally fast, but it’s not a “OOMPH!” like Kuu’s “Step In To My World” or Tohoshinki’s “Secret Game”. I guess reggae doesn’t use such songs! Oh well, It’s not bad, it’s fun to listen to. As far as the vocals are concerned, I was happy to hear her voice; it’s not HIGH~ pitched like I was unfortunately expecting – she’s got a very steady voice and can control it well; and KM-MARKIT? No idea who that is, but he was just…there…didn’t really add much to the song. The song overall is short and fun – that’s all I’ll say, more experienced reggae listeners can go into the depths of the song at will!
(I’ll give it a – 7/10 – A nice impression of miray!)

The next song パラソルスマイル is a pretty good transition from BOX SEAT, and I think she’s showing more of her vocal capability. She sounds very high spirited and kinda cute. This song is again a lot of fun to listen to; it’s pretty happy and summery, and reminds me of JAMAICA! She’s fulfilling the reggae requirements I guess! XD So far so good; if only I couls figure out the first line of the chorus – NoWaze? No I say? WHAT IS IT!? XP
(7/10 – I think I’m starting to LOVE reggae!)

Now we have Travel, which kinda slows down a bit. Her vocals also seem changed – she’s singing deeper, like JYONGRI. The song? I thought it was a bit ballad-y in the beginning, but the chorus kinda picked up the arrangement, and made it another “fun to listen to” song, and it’s by far my favourite! Wait a minute! Do I spot a bit of a Koda in her? Her notes in the chorus remind me of KAWAII Kuu-chan. Nice listen overall. The “Sha la la la la” part is STUCK IN MY HEAD!

ホントはね… ft. CORN HEAD is next. It starts off with pretty dancy clapping and CORN HEAD kicks in first. CORN HEAD is a J-reggae singer, and I swear, I HATE the way he’s pronouncing his words. miray does her part in the song pretty well, again showcasing her ability to hit higher and softer notes. CORN HEADS lines aren’t bad (tune-wise), but I JUST HATE the way he’s PRONOUNCING THE WORDS! The chorus though is fun and high spirited and I feel miray did it ALOT of justice – so – I really like the song overall except for – you guessed it! – CORN HEAD! Also, miray’s adlibbing in the end is pretty impressive.

Now we have the kinda heavy and strong sounding どストライク!!. The arrangement in the beginning sounds like the song is going to be some epic song, with synths used everywhere, and, well KODA-ISH, kinda like those songs used in the beginning of movies or something. However, the verses brought me down. They don’t match the music as much as I expected, though the chorus is high spirited and fun to listen to – she’s singing pretty fast and managed to pull it off. It’s different than the rest of the songs on the album so far, and will eventually grow on me. For now, it’s okay – I’ll give it a

Proof of love is next. WHY DOES THIS REMIND ME OF KODA? I guess because she’s done all these sort of these songs! LOL! EPIC AS EVER KUU! This sounds very pop-mixed with reggae, and that makes it a very nice listen. The thing I’m liking about this song is that she’s by far shown that she can sing deep, high spirited, and now, it’s CUTE! throughout the whole song. It’s – again- fun to listen to like all the rest of the songs on the album. The thing about these songs is that they’re not LOOONG and BOOORING – all under 4:30 minutes and the verses + the chorus’ are interesting. I haven’t lost interest in any of the songs. Now! this is by far my favorite song!

Oh man! I don’t like Jump Pump! I would prefer Travel or Proof of love over this any day. It’s happy, high spirited, and all SUMMER love. But It’s not really as interesting and it doesn’t do HER justice, so far, I think she can do MUCH better than this song. SKIPPING THIS SONG! Try it if you want. It’s part of her mini-album or something.

Here come the 2 “ballads” of the album. The first one L.L sounds very “acoustic+R&B” and is the first song over 5 minutes. Her voice is deep and pretty melancholy – almost as if she’s copying ayaka but is failing! I will point out that she CAN’T sing ballads! I think she’s using far too much emotion and comes across as wannabe. I feel like she could do with more training but WHY DOES SHE REMIND ME OF KUU-CHAN? Oh god! The more I listen to this song – the more I think that SHE CAN’T SING BALLADS! SKIP!

The next “ballad” is 恋しくて ~You’re not here~ which to my despair is 5:33 minutes long! ignoring her voice, that’s kinda going off tune, the song is PRETTY! Just PRETTY! Very laid back and calming. I think RYTHEM could have pulled this off very well, but unfortuantely, miray was given the song, and she’s not doing IT justice! OFF TUNE! OFF TUNE! SKIP! DON’T SING BALLADS GIRL!

AH! Much better! The last song ゆれLove Hearts again takes us back to the fun and high spirited feel of the album. I completely ignored the immediate transition from slow to fast paced, becuase I’m so glad to listen to this song! It’s FUN! Just FUN! Her voice sounds SO MUCH BETTER in this! Also the chorus is LOVE! I love the happy, lovely feeling it gives off. Her vocals are much more in tune. I’m really happy with this last song. A very impressive way to end the album, I think it’s made so the listeners who HATED the previous two songs can fortunately forget about them. It’s short, but a very nice way to end the album!

So overall – SKIP THE BALLADS! If you can call them ballads, but I think the album otherwise left a good impression on me!

Overall Rating:

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. PROMO TIME! Kawaii Ne~ But she’s kinda tan! XD

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