[PV] Ikimono Gakari – ありがとう; Arigatou

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I have to say I’ve absolutely LOVED IKIMONO GAKARI ever since I heard Blue Bird on Naruto Shippuuden! But lately, they haven’t been making any GOOD or SOLID songs – by which I mean songs like Hotaru No Hikari; ホタルノヒカリ or Futari; ふたり. Nakumonka; なくもんか; and Nostalgia; ノスタルジア just weren’t GOOD enough to listen to. So when I heard these two songs my love for them deteriorated, and I became more “indulged” – OBSESSED with BOYBANDS. But now, that all of our boys (and by “boys” I mainly mean TOHOSHINKI/DBSK and SUJU) are busy doing something or the other, I thought of going back to THESE 2 GUYS+WOMAN/GIRL! And what did I find? mmmmmm…..maybe a song not so good as their normal songs but a good song nonetheless.

ありがとう; Arigatou

My thoughts about the song: It’s O……kay. I miss Ikimono gakari’s fast tempo songs. Mizuno-san needs to write more songs like Hotaru No Hikari, Blue Bird or even Futari. These mid tempo songs just don’t cut it.

My thoughts about the video: KIYOE LOOKS AMAZING! She actually looks a level prettier than before! PLUS I REALLY like what shes wearing. (This is one of the many thigs I love about her; her dresses are never FLASHY or EXTRAVAGANT, she always wears something that looks good and I bet is pretty comfortable.) Everyone looked so touched by the song and the bubble effect is nice too though the ballerina-type-girls-who-look-like-ballerinas-but-are-not-dressed-like-them weren’t all that necessary were they. Even so, the video too is just…fine. Not too HEART RENDERING


  • Song: 3.5/5
  • Video: 3.5/5

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