Run Devil Run! SNSD On.A.Roll—–!!!!!!! ^_^

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Seriously, the whole rumor-thing about “Black Soshi” was getting on my nerves! They’ve been putting it off since JANUARY! But it’s here…At Last! I guess releasing “Oh!” wasn’t enough to gain our attention…they had to come back with a cover of Ke$ha’s song huh?

Well YES! Yes they did and they did a kickass awesome job at it!

  • Run Devil Run ~RDR~
  • Echo
  • ☆★☆ RnB Ver.

I don’t know what it is about RDR but it just didn’t disappoint. Everything was so lovable. Many think that they did a plain H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E job but those ppl should just cut these girls some slack, even if it is very little slack, it’s still some slack! THIS is SNSD, and THAT is Ke$ha! They’re different people thus they would naturally have different ways of singing the song. I love Ke$ha’s music, but there’s no harm in loving SNSD if you love Ke$ha. Sure it’ll be weird if one loves Arashi and not News. I mean COME ON! They’re both SO ADWOWABUL! :3 But sticking to the topic, SNSD didn’t technically cover the song, they sang it because it wasn’t really released by Ke$ha ( I am going NUTS having to look for the $ everytime I mention Ke$ha, so I’ll stop mentioning her!) To conclude—


But ahhhhh, there will always have to be a cutesy song with SNSD wherever we may stumble across a hot song, and Echo just about fills the spot. I thought this would be another sexy, hot song like RDR to let the girls settle further into their Black concept. BUT NO NO NO NO NO! ECHO will bring back that adorable-ness about SNSD that we know and love! The most lovable thing about this song probably has to be the BWOAHHHHH! Awwww! I can’t stop listening to this song. And the chorus is as lovely as ever. I’m still not to sure about who sings which line but there’s one girl whose voice cuts my ear drum, but……what the heck it’s still cute.  It’s like water that gets stuck in your head after a bath, that just doesn’t come out, no matter how much you try! Yes SNSD have done it again with ECHO!   ~“ECHO ECHO ECHO IN MY MIND?”~ OH YES YOU DO!

Another addition to the album is the RnB version of STAR STAR STAR. But I can’t say much because I haven’t really heard any version of this song properly. I have some SNSD listening to do! YAYS!

To (once again) conclude, SNSD has taken the road to even greater things than GEE! I didn’t think that was possible. The dark sexy concept in RDR and the lovable Echo, has opened our minds and hearts to love these girls even more. And it makes us miss our SUJU all the more. Where o’ where have our boys gone?*sighs very deeply* *silence*


Don’t push the limit girls, take it nice and slow…you’ll get there!

CARRY THIS LOOK ON SNSD AND WE WILL NEVER THINK OF YOU AS FAKES! (Not that WE ever did! ^_^ Maybe our older sisters-who-fail-to-understand-us did………..x_x)

You guys decide on what you think of their new look. Personally, I think Jessica and Taeyeon look the best! AND Yoona’s pose on the cover…Dont’ even get me started! ^_^

To download –


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  1. I have to agreed with you on that, to me I don’t really care what their concept is because everything that they do come out really good any way. People just be negative about them cuz they can’t be them. SNSD fighting love them and SUJU, and yeah ECHO going to be bigger than GEE to me. Miss SUJU boy when is their 4th album will be out can’t wait miss them so much.

    • Thanks for the comment – It’s nice to see there are some people (maybe a lot) who agree that SNSD are unique and need to be appreciated for what they do! AND SUJU seems to have disappeared in their Super Show! DX ! HAHA! oh well, we’ll wait! =D

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