[Scans] Shojo Jidai – GENIE Scans

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(Click to enlarge – some of them are HUGE!)

…………..and my favorite one……………..

I love this one, but the solos look a bit plastic (literally)! Oh well – they’re still pretty!!! Especially the one above!

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Single][2010.09.09] Shoujo Jidai – GENIE Review

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Debut Japanese Single (but we ALL know that) Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation’s “GENIE” reached #2 on it’s 3rd day! If that doesn’t scream “JAPAN LOVES SNSD”, I don’t know what does! I was actually anticipating this alot – listening to the good quality version after watching the video.

The Cover? I think all of them look STUNNING! Much better than the Korean cover, which had TERRIBLE placing! I hated looking at that cover, but this one, is actually hot! =P


  • GENIE (Original Version)
  • GENIE (Instrumental) (Without Main Vocal)

Pretty basic tracklist huh?

GENIE is the Japanese version of the Korean song of the same name. BIG SURPRISE! It’s not like they would have the guts to release a completely original song like DBSK did (HUG doesn’t count, it wasn’t a proper single!) but I respect that they wanted to enter the JPOP industry, though I heard it was because they would get more money, but some (including me) believe that it’s because they get a chance to give something new to the industry – I mean come on! At the back of even the biggest fans of JPOP Girl Idol Groups, you know that KPOP Girl Groups may be plastic, but they still have STANDARD. I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid (okay maybe a little) of saying it again – JAPAN NEEDS BETTER GROUPS! it can learn to stay original and NOT plastic if it takes a go at it! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving away from that – The Japanese version is definitely much easier to sing along with, but it does lack that emotion that the Korean version had. I think they’re focusing too much in the lyrics to get the emotion right – for example, the chorus is toned down and doesn’t give that amazing BLARING feeling that the Korean Version gave. The verses are pretty good and apart from the language difference – sound the same. The lyrics fit pretty well unlike the Japanese version of MIROTIC – My god! Was that a mess or what!!!!??? Taeyeon’s adlibs sound almost the same except they’re not heard as loudly as the Korean version – an there’s a little “Tell me what you want, tell me what you hope” added before Tiffany’s “Put it back on”, just like HyunA added that little talk section in I My Me Mine as well – which also fit in well, though I don’t why it was done!?   XD So ending this – I think SNSD are set for their debut!

The Instrumental is BARELY an instrumental, which is pretty disappointing (and the reason I put a strikeout on the word) because I was looking forward to listening to the chorus without the vocals. Turns out when they say “Without Main Vocal” they MEAN “Without Main Vocal”!!!!!! Just the verses are actually “Instrumental” s, other than that – EVEN THE ADLIBS ARE THERE! Sucky!!!!!!!!!


That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.s. The scans are really pretty – but my INTERNET is the problem – maybe later! =P

Shojo Jidai – GENIE-US! ^^

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I can’t help it! I just listened to the Japanese Version of Genie sooooooo many times – and I always smile when they say (apparently) “Suki ni Naru wa” because it sounds like…..you guessed it! “ZUCCHINI NARU WA!”
I am so so so impressed by the Japanese Version – it flows just as well as the original and PV is OUTSTANDING (except maybe for the cheap solo parts in front of those poorly coloured backgrounds) but the Circus tent and the t.v backgrounds were well…GENIE-US! Plus – is it just me or have all them – grown up? I was SHOCKED when I saw YOONA at 0:53 of the video and Seohyun! OMG! JESSICA! OMG! TAEYEON OMG! What happened! The only ones who look normal and maybe not so OMG are Yuri and Sooyoung. Hey! Did anyone notice something different about Tiffany? The RDR Taeyeon doesn’t suit her that much – her face looks too round like Kana’s. Oh well – it’s still good!

What do I think of them debuting in Japan? I LOVE IT! But I start thinking the same thing I thought when 4Minute and KARA debuted – JAPAN! LEARN A LESSON! I watched a video where this dude said that the J-people are impressed that K-Pop stars train alot before debuting – and that along with their music attracts them. Sure J-pop stars may train too, but it doesn’t seem to show! And I am SICK of these 48 member idol groups who – I’m sorry if I offend anyone – CANNOT HARMONIZE! They’re just too high~ pitched, and always have songs that sound the same, and try to be all KAWAII~ I have not seen or heard a GOOD, SEXY Japanese girl group EVER! Maybe that’s why Korea’s sending their stars (esp girls) to Japan – they probably had too much competition in Korea, and can bring something NEW to Japan! I MEAN COME ON JAPAN! Naked Boyz – 44 members aged 17 to 30! 30!!!!!!!!! in a boyband! I hate it!!!!!!!!!!! Also, K-pop stars are so well-groomed – e.g their TEETH are perfect, sure they have plastic surgery done, but they’re still beautiful(yes, even the guys *ahem* JAEJOONG!), and they know how to dance and sing and their videos are more high budget and well initiated! WHY JAPAN WHY! The more I think about it, the more depressed I get, but luckily, I have Kuu-chan, Ayu, and Namie to make me happy again. So now  – I’m waiting for KISS&KISS to debut – they actually look better, but the preview leaves me uncertain – since it sounds same old same old J-POP idol group! GAH! I’m angry now! JAPAN needs good BOY/GIRL bands! DO IT BEFORE THE CRAZE FINISHES AND KOREA GETS ALL THE ADVANTAGES! *pretends there is a J-Music Minister who heard the plead*

Wooh! So getting back to SNSD/Shoujo Jidai/Girls’ Generation (Oh noes! They have 3 names too! ^^) – the Japanese debut was….
say it with me


and I wish them good luck in Japan
and I also wish that Japan pull up its socks!

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Digital Single][2010.07.07] RYTHEM – 無題 (Mudai); Untitled

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RYTHEM’s 4th Digital Single 無題 (Mudai; Untitled) was released on 2010.07.07.

For those who don’t know:
RYTHEM is a female pop duo from Japan, who are noted for singing cheerful melodies and ballads (usually acoustic). The duo consists of pianist Nitsu, Yui and guitarist Katou, Yukari.

I, personally, am a HUGE fan of RYTHEM and it’s really unfortunate that they’re not really popular outside Japan, because these girls are REALLY, REALLY talented. Their ballads are some of the very rare ballads that sincerely “get” to me. If anyone reading this is a fan of very emotional piano-based ballads, you should try listening to “Kubisuji Line” (one of my all-time favorites) or “Sakura Uta” (for a more sweet rhythm). Naruto lovers should have heard their song “Harmonia“, which was used as the first opening to the series. This single: I literally went CRAZY looking for, and still, I only got a poor quality version T_T found a 192 kbps version! YAYS! ^^


(Link updated – 192 kbps)

(Don’t know for sure what the cover is! ^^ I’m guessing it’s a bigger version of my current header!)

Since, I love RYTHEM, I knew straight away when I first heard about the song, that I was going to love it; but I did NOT know that I was going to love it THIS MUCH! They may have changed their style to a more stronger arrangement, but it still remains a PURE (seriously, THIS is what I call PURE) RYTHEM ballad – which is what I love about this song. I can’t believe it almost made me cry! Their vocals are as full of emotion as ever, while still retaining their amazing qualities. The chorus = BEAUTIFUL! I love who ever came up with the tune of this song! The verses are sung soft and with great care  – almost with a huge amount of fragility. And even though it’s above 4 minutes, (an ideal song) I still can’t help but feel that it’s short! GAH! There are seriously no words for how much I LOVE this song! But that’s just me right? People who don’t love ballads to the VERY END OF THE WORLD (like I do), probably might find it a bit too sappy and girly!
One more thing: It kinda reminds me of their last single “Tsunaidete”, so anyone who liked that song, might like this one too! ^^

I inserted a link just in case there ARE people who want to listen to it!

Rating: (what do you think?)



Okay, I’m calming down…..well:

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

[Album][2010.08.04] miray – miray

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I just randomly got this!

For those who don’t know:

miray (Kaneko Mirei) is a Japanese reggae/dancehall singer-songwriter and producer signed to avex trax under rhythm zone.
miray’s debut-album “miray” was released 2010.08.04, and that’s all I know about that! She’s not REALLY popular since she debuted in 2008, but I see real potential in her. Read on if you’re interested!

The Cover? It’s so SUMMER! I really like it, and I love what she’s wearing. Plus, she’s really pretty. I wonder if she’ll go into the Ero-Kakoii image like Kuu. Hmmm….It is avex after all, and avex will so anything for promotion! AVEX! T.T


  • パラソルスマイル (Parasoru sumairu?)
  • Travel
  • ホントはね… ft. CORN HEAD (Honto wa ne… ft. CORN HEAD)
  • どストライク!! (Do Sutaraiko!)
  • Proof of Love
  • Jump Pump
  • L.L
  • 恋しくて ~You’re not here~ (Koishikute ~You’re not here~)
  • ゆれLove Hearts (Yure Love Hearts)

Before I begin, I must point out that I have NO experience with reggae! So I don’t really know what dance hall, or ragga, or reggae fusion is when I hear it. I’ll refer to the songs as pop, summery, ballad etc. okay?

BOX SEAT ft. KM-MARKIT, begins with her calling out in engR/Lish? Oh! Now I understand what reggae is. Ha! Not bad. Since this the opening song, it’s naturally fast, but it’s not a “OOMPH!” like Kuu’s “Step In To My World” or Tohoshinki’s “Secret Game”. I guess reggae doesn’t use such songs! Oh well, It’s not bad, it’s fun to listen to. As far as the vocals are concerned, I was happy to hear her voice; it’s not HIGH~ pitched like I was unfortunately expecting – she’s got a very steady voice and can control it well; and KM-MARKIT? No idea who that is, but he was just…there…didn’t really add much to the song. The song overall is short and fun – that’s all I’ll say, more experienced reggae listeners can go into the depths of the song at will!
(I’ll give it a – 7/10 – A nice impression of miray!)

The next song パラソルスマイル is a pretty good transition from BOX SEAT, and I think she’s showing more of her vocal capability. She sounds very high spirited and kinda cute. This song is again a lot of fun to listen to; it’s pretty happy and summery, and reminds me of JAMAICA! She’s fulfilling the reggae requirements I guess! XD So far so good; if only I couls figure out the first line of the chorus – NoWaze? No I say? WHAT IS IT!? XP
(7/10 – I think I’m starting to LOVE reggae!)

Now we have Travel, which kinda slows down a bit. Her vocals also seem changed – she’s singing deeper, like JYONGRI. The song? I thought it was a bit ballad-y in the beginning, but the chorus kinda picked up the arrangement, and made it another “fun to listen to” song, and it’s by far my favourite! Wait a minute! Do I spot a bit of a Koda in her? Her notes in the chorus remind me of KAWAII Kuu-chan. Nice listen overall. The “Sha la la la la” part is STUCK IN MY HEAD!

ホントはね… ft. CORN HEAD is next. It starts off with pretty dancy clapping and CORN HEAD kicks in first. CORN HEAD is a J-reggae singer, and I swear, I HATE the way he’s pronouncing his words. miray does her part in the song pretty well, again showcasing her ability to hit higher and softer notes. CORN HEADS lines aren’t bad (tune-wise), but I JUST HATE the way he’s PRONOUNCING THE WORDS! The chorus though is fun and high spirited and I feel miray did it ALOT of justice – so – I really like the song overall except for – you guessed it! – CORN HEAD! Also, miray’s adlibbing in the end is pretty impressive.

Now we have the kinda heavy and strong sounding どストライク!!. The arrangement in the beginning sounds like the song is going to be some epic song, with synths used everywhere, and, well KODA-ISH, kinda like those songs used in the beginning of movies or something. However, the verses brought me down. They don’t match the music as much as I expected, though the chorus is high spirited and fun to listen to – she’s singing pretty fast and managed to pull it off. It’s different than the rest of the songs on the album so far, and will eventually grow on me. For now, it’s okay – I’ll give it a

Proof of love is next. WHY DOES THIS REMIND ME OF KODA? I guess because she’s done all these sort of these songs! LOL! EPIC AS EVER KUU! This sounds very pop-mixed with reggae, and that makes it a very nice listen. The thing I’m liking about this song is that she’s by far shown that she can sing deep, high spirited, and now, it’s CUTE! throughout the whole song. It’s – again- fun to listen to like all the rest of the songs on the album. The thing about these songs is that they’re not LOOONG and BOOORING – all under 4:30 minutes and the verses + the chorus’ are interesting. I haven’t lost interest in any of the songs. Now! this is by far my favorite song!

Oh man! I don’t like Jump Pump! I would prefer Travel or Proof of love over this any day. It’s happy, high spirited, and all SUMMER love. But It’s not really as interesting and it doesn’t do HER justice, so far, I think she can do MUCH better than this song. SKIPPING THIS SONG! Try it if you want. It’s part of her mini-album or something.

Here come the 2 “ballads” of the album. The first one L.L sounds very “acoustic+R&B” and is the first song over 5 minutes. Her voice is deep and pretty melancholy – almost as if she’s copying ayaka but is failing! I will point out that she CAN’T sing ballads! I think she’s using far too much emotion and comes across as wannabe. I feel like she could do with more training but WHY DOES SHE REMIND ME OF KUU-CHAN? Oh god! The more I listen to this song – the more I think that SHE CAN’T SING BALLADS! SKIP!

The next “ballad” is 恋しくて ~You’re not here~ which to my despair is 5:33 minutes long! ignoring her voice, that’s kinda going off tune, the song is PRETTY! Just PRETTY! Very laid back and calming. I think RYTHEM could have pulled this off very well, but unfortuantely, miray was given the song, and she’s not doing IT justice! OFF TUNE! OFF TUNE! SKIP! DON’T SING BALLADS GIRL!

AH! Much better! The last song ゆれLove Hearts again takes us back to the fun and high spirited feel of the album. I completely ignored the immediate transition from slow to fast paced, becuase I’m so glad to listen to this song! It’s FUN! Just FUN! Her voice sounds SO MUCH BETTER in this! Also the chorus is LOVE! I love the happy, lovely feeling it gives off. Her vocals are much more in tune. I’m really happy with this last song. A very impressive way to end the album, I think it’s made so the listeners who HATED the previous two songs can fortunately forget about them. It’s short, but a very nice way to end the album!

So overall – SKIP THE BALLADS! If you can call them ballads, but I think the album otherwise left a good impression on me!

Overall Rating:

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. PROMO TIME! Kawaii Ne~ But she’s kinda tan! XD

[Single][2010.08.04] JYONGRI – Without You

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Without You is the ninth single released by JYONGRI. The title track was used as the theme song for the drama Asu No Hikari Wo Tsukame.

For me, this is the first full single listen from her, although I have heard Maybe Someday before, and I was really fond of that song; in fact I gave it another listen today, and found that I really like her voice. It’s somewhat very pure; by that I mean that she sings very clearly, and her japanese is very straight and clear, without any of Kuu’s squeaks or raspiness, or Ayumi’s “shaking”. Sort of like RYTHEM’s girls (if anyone’s heard of them) – very PURE. Also, JYONGRI’s voice (I was very pleased to find) is pretty low, and gets very deep sometimes. The highlight – it sounds very womanly and magical; the downside – I don’t think she can hit high~ notes like Kana.
Onto the review!

The Cover? Very simple, but it seems to work. She looks very pretty and the font – very typical but it fits.


  • Without You
  • ストーリー (Story)
  • Without You – Instrumental
  • ストーリー Story – Instrumental

Typical single no?
Without You is, as the name gives it away, a BALLAD! and it starts off like any other ballad as well – the magical piano, and the first verse. Her voice, like I mentioned before, is very straight and…pure (I can’t put it any other way, I’m suffering with lack of vocabulary these days!). The verses sound almost like the chorus is going to be a masterpiece. I’m serious, the verses are really pretty. The chorus? It’s not bad – again we have the typical arrangement, drums and then the line “Without You, Without You” – there isn’t really anything special about it, but it gets stuck in my head. I also need to point out that her voice retains pretty deep emotions throughout the song, which I love! Sure she goes whispery in some places, but it adds to the emotion of the song. I swear, her voice is very strong. and made the song tolerable, because I’ve heard a ballad like this TOO many times! A very nice listen!

Now we have ストーリー Story! What can I say about this song? Is is R&B, is it acoustic, what is it? Well, I’ll call it POP! It’s obviously faster than Without You. It’s got some sort of a country feel, and her vocals are pretty good – though I’m not sure they suit the song. I would have preferred if her vocals were a bit light hearted and higher – I feel as if she’s singing too deep for a song like this, almost like she’s deliberately making her vocals deep (I hate it when artists do that!). Getting back to the song – it’s okay..pretty much like “Just one of the bunch” songs. Give it a try, but I find nothing special in this one! Sorry!

Btw, just as a side note – Without You – Instrumental sounds very magical because they didn’t remove the background vocals, and I love how she’s singing!
Also, for those who like to listen to very Look-up-the-sky-is-bright type of music, give ストーリー (Story) – Instrumental a listen!

Overall I think you should give it a listen if you are really fond of her music, and even if that’s not the case, I think Without You deserves a MUST listen. Who knows, ANYONE can like this song!

Overall Rating
(Not Bad!)

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Promo Pic? Couldn’t get my hands on it, Gomen!

[Single][2010.08.11] Perfume – VOICE

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“VOICE” is the 11th major and 16th overall single released on 2010/08/11 by Perfume. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD that contains the PV for “VOICE”. “VOICE” was used as the “Nissan no Omise de!” Campaign commercial song and “575” was used as the KDDI “iida” commercial.

The Cover? Random much? But I like their shoes – to a certain extent – if I wanted to wear really flashy shoes! XD

The Cover? Nocchi looks the best. Kashiyuka looks too “I’m trying to be SHEKUSHI” type, and A-chan….she looks alright, there is something not right about her picture! The hands? Random!

I hope the single is better than the covers! =P


  • 575
  • VOICE – Instrumental
  • 575 – Instrumental

Typical single right? I thought so too!

VOICE is…interesting. It screams PERFUME! But that’s not necessarily bad. I kinda like this song – It’s like One Room Disco, but it seems more messed up. Why? Well –

  1. They’re all singing at the same time…so none of them have separate solo verses. Well even if they are singing solo, I can’t tell because they all sound the same.
  2. It doesn’t have that “ooomph” that their previous songs had. No One Room Disco’s “one-room-disco” feel, no Dream Fighter awsomeness, No Polyrhythm messing-with-the-head-tune-that-seemed-to-work-but-annoyed-the-hell-out-of-me-in-a-positive-way – so it’s just messed up.
  3. It’s long and they reach notes that should not be reached with autotune (whatever it is that they use). The “Tsuzuku narAAAAA~” in the chorus is – annoying – period.

Now it may seem like I’m bashing the song, but that is not the case; I said it’s not bad, and I just pointed out some of it’s negative points. The positive points?

  1. It’s fun to listen to MOST of the time. Alot of people will really like it and it might even start to grow on me.
  2. That’s it.

I don’t know – it doesn’t fulfill my Perfume requirements. Better luck next time girls. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much YOU might start to like it! =D

Now! 575 is an even more interesting song. It’s “Try something new” type. HOW? The song starts off with the first verse, and I swear they need to put more emotion into these types of songs. Their monotonous voices can ruin a good song! The chorus has a tad bit more emotion, but the most INTERESTING part is the RAP! Kashiyuka rapping?! Cool huh! It’s  a very witty idea and I think she pulled it off very well, and made the song SO MUCH MORE interesting than I thought it was going to be. There are two rap sections, and I only listen to the song because of those. I swear, the rap brings the whole song to life! LOVE~ this song!
(8/10 FOR THE RAP!)

Overall Rating
(-_- I thought they did better. But the CALCULATOR does NOT LIE! =P)

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S. Promo Time? Sorry! Internet connection is painfully slow!


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Now! What is this post about? Frankly I have no idea myself, but it’s apparently supposed to add “FLAVA!” (as my friend put it) to my blog. I’d also point out that the name is inspired by JYJ’s new mini album. (Yes! For those who didn’t know, it’s called “The…”)
Now seriously what is this post about! I honestly have NO idea! But I’ll be putting them up once every while. Right now, I need to find out what it’s purpose is – and for that I will go seek my friend’s knowledge!

[Edit] Ah! Now I know! But I’m not sure how to explain. Apparently, since this is MY blog, I can make it more than just reviews…..apart from reviews and thoughts on songs, I should add more stuff, like “What Ive been listening to recently’ or “THE CURRENT BEST SONG EVA!” kinda thing. Not a bad idea right? But I’m not sure I can do that kind of thing – I’ll try anyway. So for now – Thankyou Eva! (See the connection above? Isn’t she self-obssessed?) I’ll try to put these The… posts up!

[Lyrics] 4Minute – グッバイ; Goodbye (Romaji)

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I couldn’t find any lyrics to this song, so I decided to write them down myself so I could sing along…and I guess I decided to put them up too. These are by ear, so they might not be   100% accurate.
Also – I LOVE the song! Also the featured person/dude/guy rapping in english – I tried to write down his part, but I couldn’t understand some of his lines.
One more thing – I don’t know who’s who – so I didn’t bother writing down the names….if anyone knows, could they please tell me!
AND – if anyone needs the lyrics, feel free to take them – I don’t mind since it’s only romaji – but if you could, please credit – I kinda had to listen to the song OVER and OVER to get some of their lyrics down! THANKYOU!

グッバイ; Goodbye Romaji

[Yeah~ It was always for(4) me
it was always for(4) you
it was always 4Minute]

hana no nai tenshi ga ima
sora wo tada miageteiru
nani mo osorenai kanjinai

[But can you feel the sky?]

nanika ushinau koto ga
nanika wo dakishimeru yo
honto no tsuyosa ga miru

ima kimi wo wasureteiku yo
fukai (f)umi no naka

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

[Yeah~ Let it take it’s natural course tonight
I’ll be there for you ?(of)course? aside
Say “Goodbye Goodtimes”
before it flies by
4Minute a time]

chiriyuku hanabira no youni
namida ga koboreru nara
kimi no seide wa nainda to

ikikasete itanda ne
me wo sorashite itanda ne
kokoro no koe ga kikoeta

tada kimi wo omoidaseba
mune wo shimetsukeru

*sayonara me tojite
ukanda kimi no koe ima kikoeru
futari no kotoba

asahi no mukou ni wa
kyou ga matteru yo tada
nanika ga okorukara
mi wo makaseru yo

jibun ga jibun no tame dake ni
ikiteirunda to omoteta
honto no tsuyosa wa ai wo shiru koto oh~

sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoku hazu
no kono omoi
kimi no subete wo

[So what’cha waitin’ for
It’s time to live!]

*sayonara me wo tojite
ukanda kimi no kao ima
todoketai omoi wa nai yo

kotoba no mukou ni wa
kimochi ga hisonderu nara
ima mo hontou no koto
kimi ga omou youni
kimi ga fureru youni

omoi no mama SAY GOODBYE

romaji by: tikitok @cutisepopjpop.wordpress

Translation? I’m not that good at Japanese, so I’m not trying my hand at that! Maybe someone else can.
Feel free to point out any mistakes.

That’s about it!

Jaa! Mata Ne!

[Single][2010.08.04] Kana Nishino – if

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11th single by Kana Nishino – blah blah – Title track used as ending song for Naruto Shippuuden Movie – I’ve done this already!


  • if
  • I’ll be there
  • Beautiful

Thank God if sounds better this way! Here are my previous thoughts. I’m COMPLETELY LOVING this song in good quality. Kana gorgeousness! It’s beautiful! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Her vocals don’t sound high pitched now, and although she is singing in her HIGH~ voice, her voice completely fits with the arrangement of the song! As always – I love the chorus! The whole song generally – Great arrangement, great vocals, great background, great bridge! THANKYOU KANA for releasing a magical song like this! R&B Ballads to the end, and I think it’ll fit with Naruto as well! YAYS!
Overall – 9/10 (heaven!)

Huh! I was expecting I’ll be there to be a ballad and that’s exactly what it is! It’s got the same piano violin thing going on in the beginning, and again, the same Kana’s vocals followed by the R&B kick in. So again I fell for the song! Actually, it’s not bad – her vocals are lower than if and really suit the song. Maybe it’s not AS catchy – thus, it was made a B-side, but it is calm, and very peaceful. Also, I mentioned before about her melancholy vocals – well we don’t hear much of that until the end of the bridge…where she hits the soft high~ note, like those in Best Friend, but shorter. The ending kinda left me wanting…well a better ending – it was too abrupt!
Overall – 7/10 (too if wannabe)

Now we have GANGSTA KANA! I’m in a way glad Beautiful wasn’t a ballad, but why choose the title Beautiful for a heavily club dance influenced song. I can’t connect to this song – but I guess it’s great if you want BAD GIRL Kana! The tune is kinda twisted, and freaky – I really don’t know what to say. She did a good job, I mean I didn’t lose interest and die-hard fans won’t either because there’s a lot going on in this song.

Best Line(s) of the song –
|| Yes! We are Beautiful!

|| I don’t care what they think of me
|| You don’t know how to get my ~heart~

Overall – 6.5/10 (I can’t listen to it again & again *starts humming 2pm’s song* )

Overall Rating

Good job on the single! I’m happy! Kana fan! It’s anice single to start her new era! (*giggles* that sounds kinda epic!)

Jaa! Mata Ne~

P.S I love this Promo, so I’ll put this everywhere!

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